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1. Why do I have to pay a cut-off fee of $25 if my water was not shut off?
2. Where are you located?
3. My service was turned off for non-payment. Why am I still receiving a bill?
4. Do you charge for using debit/credit card to pay bill?
5. Does the City of Midwest City have "Big Trash Day"?
6. How is the residential sewer (wastewater) charges calculated and why does it go up?
7. Do I have to pay a deposit even though I currently have service in Midwest City?
8. How long before the deposit is refunded back to the account?
9. What is check-list?
10. If the meter is locked and payment is made, may I restore services myself?
11. Is my water consumption ever estimated?
12. Why do I have to pay an extra $50 deposit on my account?
13. Do they charge extra to pick up the second trash can?
14. When is my bill due?