Does the Fire Department fill swimming pools?
***The Midwest City Fire Department does NOT fill swimming pools.***

A typical swimming pool has 20,000-30,000 gallons (or more) and a fire truck holds about 1,000 gallons of water. Additionally, if a fire truck hooked up to a hydrant and rolled out hose to fill a pool then that truck is now considered "out of service" and not available to put out a fire due to the time it would take to shut down the hydrant operations and roll up the hose. There are also potential property and equipment damage concerns the fire department must consider as well. Some rural fire departments have large water tankers that hold 2,000-3,000 gallons, but Midwest City Fire Department does not have any of these in their fleet of vehicles.

The only option of filling a swimming pool in Midwest City is using your own garden hose. It can be very slooowwww (taking days), but it is currently the only method through the City to fill a swimming pool.

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