Improving Community Appearance

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  1. Midwest City Ponies
  2. Utility Lines
  3. Midwest Blvd Rock Wall
  4. Original Mile
  5. Historic Ridgecrest Sign

Ponies on Parade

Ponies on Parade is a public art project that was designed to help make Midwest City more lively for citizens and to help create a visual interest in the Cityscape. It provides an aesthetic for citizens, encouraging visitor’s to linger in destination areas. It increases the knowledge of the history and culture of Midwest City and provides a colorful aesthetic interest to public areas.

The pony was chosen because of the unique history of the pony-lot houses, which were successful as a result of a marketing technique employed by City Founder W.P. Atkinson to sell homes in the Ridgecrest Country Estates. Parents would fall in love with the home and the children would fall in love with the pony in the backyard that came with the house. Ponies could be cared for at home or boarded at the nearby stable on the corner of 10th and Midwest Boulevard. 

Many residents do not know that story and the ponies were a way to spark conversation about Midwest City’s history. Seven ponies currently brighten up the Cityscape. Artists were picked by committee and paid a stipend for their designs.  Each pony has a sponsor, a title and a plaque. More ponies may be added in the future.

Artworks & Artists

1Where the Art of the Land Flies HighMWC High School 2013Cy ValanejadRose Rock Office Park
2Where Inspiration Flies HighCarl Albert High SchoolCy ValanejadBowling Green Shopping Center
3Where Imagination Flies HighKen OwenCity of Midwest City 2012Library
4Where Liberty Flies HighKen OwenCity of Midwest City 201229th Street
5Where Leadership Flies HighKen OwenMWC Leadership Class 2012Near Charles Johnson Park
6Where the Spirit Flies HighBob PalmerWelcome CenterWelcome Center
7Courage to Take the LeadKen OwenMWC Leadership Class 2012YMCA