Community Volunteering Opportunities

Food drive

Unfortunately, none of us are immune to needing help at some point in our lives.  Sometimes life throws you a curve ball that is beyond your control.  Thankfully, Midwest City is a community of citizens who generously give to those in need.  We are friends helping friends, neighbors helping neighbors and sometimes strangers helping strangers.  

There are a lot of organizations and business that help families with a variety of needs.  We would like to help foster this by providing a list of businesses and organizations throughout Midwest City that offer opportunities for citizens to help whether it be volunteering time, donating goods or money. 

Below is a list of organizations that have agreed to be listed as one that accepts volunteers and donations.  If you are interested in assisting them, please contact them directly.  (The City of Midwest City is not responsible for activities conducted by any of the listed businesses or organizations, nor is the City of Midwest City endorsing private business.  Assisting them is at your personal discretion.)

Thank you for considering helping others in our community that need assistance.

Organization/Business Name
Project Name Mission

Contact Name
Contact Number/Email
Time Frame
Community Action Partnership
  Assist low income families with emergency services.
Also help provide basic needs, such as food and clothing to low income families.