General Government Information

General Government 

Fiscal Year 2017-18


  • Increase in marketing/communications efforts.


General Government assumes fiscal responsibility for functions not directly attributable to other departments. Examples are unemployment compensation, city organizational memberships, City Council expenditures, elections and payment for the City’s auditors, and marketing/communication expenses.

This program has seven major service activities:

  1. To fund dues and obligations of the City of Midwest City, which are required because of contractual arrangements, state statutes or civic obligations and the dues to organizations to which it is prudent that the City belong.
  2. To fund the several employee benefits that are not directly assignable to any one given department such as the City’s portion of the Workers Compensation Insurance.
  3. To fund the purchase by lease, of certain equipment that benefits all departments, but not necessarily assignable to any one given department.
  4. To fund miscellaneous expenditures such as elections, municipal code supplements, refunds for overpayments and permits.
  5. To Fund auditing obligations for the City.
  6. Contract obligations such as Mid-Del Youth and Family Center, Embark, ACOG, OML, and others.
  7. To fund the third party contract for communication/marketing efforts, advertising, newsletters, website maintenance, and video production.


  1. Continue the implementation of scanning system for document retention.
  2. Continue to improve and explore new ways to enhance citizen access to and involvement in municipal government.
  3. Continue present efforts to “go green” and save on utilities and other expenses.
  4. Expand efforts to better communicate with our citizens and enhance marketing of our community to the metropolitan area and state.