City Manager


The City Manager’s Department provides direction and supervision to all functions of the City; transmits the policies of the Council into action agendas by the various departments; initiates inquires in response to citizen requests or complaints; develops a budget designed to implement the policies of the Council; and provides monitoring of expenditures and revenues to ensure fiscal soundness. The City Manager’s Department also serves as the manager of the Memorial Hospital Authority, Municipal Authority, Utilities Authority and the Economic Development Authority.

Goals and Objectives for Fiscal Year 2019-20:

  • Continue involvement with various civic and community groups.
  • Identify areas where utilization of alternative methods or equipment can improve efficiency.
  • Continue regular meetings with Administrative Staff and bi-monthly meetings with the Employee Advisory Committee in order to facilitate employee involvement in planning and operations.
  • Closely monitor the management of the Reed Center and Sheraton Hotel and implement the conversion of the flag and the property improvement plan.
  • Oversee contractual requirements of the Redevelopment Agreement and Lease.
  • Manage the marketing/communication efforts of the City of Midwest City.
  • Oversee assets and budget of the Memorial Hospital Authority, Municipal Authority, Utilities Authority, and the Economic Development Authority.
  • Facilitate strategic planning.
  • Review and evaluate each City department's operations.
  • Develop a Citywide Customer Service training program. 
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