Midwest City proclamations are issued to honor a person or an event that inspires a positive outlook for our community as a whole. Proclamations may be requested in the following ways:

  • By completing the on-line form, please click here to complete an on-online request,
  • By emailing the Mayor's office at with a request letter outlining the following points, or
  • By mailing a request to C/O Mayor's Office to 100 N. Midwest Blvd., Midwest City, OK 73110 with a request letter outlining the following points.
Proclamations should:
  • Be requested by a Commerce City resident or business with explanation of your connection with Midwest City.
  • Show a a positive citywide impact.
  • Not duplicate other requests.
  • Not take sides in matters of political controversy, ideological, or religious beliefs or individual conviction.
  • Provide four to six relevant facts or reasons why the proclamation should be issued, which would be used in the "whereas" statements.
  • Include Contact information.
  • Include request for the Mayor to present the proclamation and the logistics.
  • Submit at least three to four weeks prior to the date need for the completed proclamation.

Please note that the city's issuance of a proclamation does not constitute an endorsement.