Useful Links & Hotlines

U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement(ICE)Victim & Witness Notification  Program    
          Notification of Criminal Alien's Release 
Federal Bureau of Investigation 
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 
          Hotline 1(800)843-5678 
Oklahoma Attorney General
          Consumer Complaint Forms
Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs 
          Drug Fact sheets     
          Facts about drug activity/abuse and the signs 
Oklahoma County Health Department
         Community Health Resources
Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office
          Inmate Search (county)     
          Warrant Search (county)
Oklahoma Department of Corrections 
          Sex Offender Lookup
          Violent Offender Lookup
          Offender Lookup            
Oklahoma Department of Human Services 
          Child Protective Services     
          Adult Protective Services     
          Abuse & Neglect Hotline 1(800)522-3511 
Oklahoma Department of Mental Health 
           & Substance Abuse
          Find programs, facilities, and related info.
Oklahoma Department of Public Safety 
Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation 
          Self Defense Act Handgun License info. 
Oklahoma State Courts Network
          Court Dockets
Oklahoma State Statutes
Oklahoma Tax Commission 
          Vehicle Registration Information 
Victim Info & Notification Everyday        
          Offender Custody Status Change Notification    
          Toll Free 1(877)654-8463