The current Midwest City Zoning Ordinance  was adopted by the City Council on October 26, 2010. Midwest City is divided into zones, or districts. The boundaries of zoning districts can be identified on the Midwest City Zoning Map. The Midwest City Zoning Map specifies the nature and components of the permitted development within each zoning district and establishes regulations regarding the physical character and intensity of development in order to protect the public health, safety and welfare.

Purpose of the Zoning Ordinance

  • to encourage the most appropriate uses of land;
  • to maintain and stabilize the value of property;
  • to reduce fire hazards and improve public safety and safeguard the public health;
  • to decrease traffic congestion and its accompanying hazards;
  • to prevent undue concentration of population; and
  • to create a comprehensive and stable pattern of land uses upon which to plan for transportation, water supply, sewerage, schools, parks, public utilities and other facilities.

Zoning Amendments

The City Council may, on its own motion or on petition from the property owner or the property owner's designated representative, or on recommendation of the Planning Commission, amend the regulations and districts established within the Zoning Ordinance. Applications may only be submitted for contiguous lots or parcels which cannot be separated by a dedicated street or right-of-way.

A mandatory pre-application conference with city staff is required at least 10 days before a formal application for a zoning amendment can be submitted. The pre-application conference is intended to allow for the exchange of non-binding information between the applicant and city staff to ensure that the applicant is informed of pertinent city development regulations and processes. The pre-application conference provides an opportunity for the applicant and city staff to discuss major development considerations such as utilities, roadways, drainage concerns, comprehensive plan elements, specific neighborhood characteristics and historic information.

To schedule a pre-application conference, please call Lora Gwartney, 405-739-1265 or Kellie Gilles, 405-739-1223.

Zoning Map - Citizens MapViewer


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