Neighborhood Associations

Neighborhood Initiative was created in 1994 as a tool for enhancing the communication within neighborhoods and the City of Midwest City.  Through this Program, residents are provided a forum for discussing neighborhood problems and devising workable solutions.  By creating a link to local government, the Program offers Midwest City residents an opportunity to become part of a process to positively affect their neighborhood and community.
Midwest City currently has 35 active neighborhood associations.  The issues that brought these neighborhoods into establishing associations may vary from one neighborhood to another.  Some may unite to address concerns related to rising crime, traffic or speeding in their neighborhood.  Others may organize to show their dissatisfaction with the aging infrastructure in their neighborhood resulting in decreasing property values.  Though all are unique in some way, neighborhood associations share a common desire to protect the integrity of their neighborhood through the establishment of security and a sense of community.

To start a Neighborhood Association, please call 405-739-1005. For more information about an established neighborhood association, view the individual neighborhood PDFs:
establishing a neighborhood assoc2-spring 2019