The Midwest City Police Department operates a jail facility as outlined and approved by the Oklahoma Crime Commission through legislative action. The jail can house a maximum of 70 prisoners.

The Midwest City jail facility must comply with section (B) of the Minimum Inspection Standards for Oklahoma Jails, administered by the Oklahoma Department of Health, Domiciliary Facilities Service, Jail Inspection Division. The goal of the Midwest City jail facility is to maintain a secure, clean, sanitary and effectively operated detention facility; to provide training for all jail employees; to maintain the authorized level of staffing; and to comply with 100% of the jail standards mentioned above.

The jail facility provides priority support to police line units. Support is also provided to the Jail Health Authority, the courts, officers of the courts, Rehabilitative Services and to the public. The jail facility provides safe, healthy and well maintained incarceration facilities for those persons accused or convicted of violating municipal, state or federal ordinances, statutes or codes.