Jail Ministry Program

The Midwest City Police Department partnered with the Oklahoma Jail Prison Ministry (OJPM) to offer a full-time department and jail ministry program for officers, staff and prisoners. This program works closely with the new Diversion Program. MWCPD is one of a few in the state offering these services at the municipal level.

Due to much recidivism with our inmates, many who are incarcerated because of drug, alcohol and domestic related offenses, the department felt that incorporating a full-time spiritual advisor could make a big difference in their lives, as well as reduce the strain of high costs of incarceration on our tax payers.

The program, along with the Diversion Program, offers inmates both medical and spiritual direction for their lives. Both programs are offered to inmates on a volunteer basis. The goals of the programs are to give the inmates an introduction to spiritual matters, give them tools to use in their everyday lives that could help reduce recidivism and to create accountability among the inmates. Some of the activities of the non-denominational jail ministry program include one-on-one counseling, weekly church services, and bible study.


MWCPD accepts private donations to help defray the costs of these programs. If you would like to make a donation, please contact Chaplain Susan Nider at 405-739-1360.