Chaplain's Corner

Each day the police officer is faced with potentially dangerous situations as he/she comes into contact with the base elements of society. He/she must make split-second decisions that are just and right. Many times the police officer has a need to express his/her frustrations and problems to one who fully understands the circumstances surrounding his/her duties and obligations. The officer needs at times to discuss his/her problems with someone who understands what he/she is up against, yet is detached enough not to become emotionally involved.

The Chaplains of the Midwest City Police Department provide spiritual guidance and counseling to all members of the police department, both sworn and civilian, and members of their families. These services are available on the basis of need and desire. Chaplains are not intended, nor do they aspire, to replace an individual’s own clergyman. The Police Chaplain is a non-paid volunteer position. Additionally, the Chaplain shall be available to provide assistance and counseling during times of tragedy, such as serious injuries, accidental and natural death, homicides, and suicides. The Chaplain may be called to perform the task of making death notifications.

Chaplains are not law enforcement officers, but are men or women of God, duly ordained. The Chaplain's responsibilities are to assist law enforcement officers when asked to do so in matters within the Chaplains realms. The Chaplain often rides with law enforcement officers in order to better understand the pressures and problems that they face on the streets. This also allows the Chaplain to become better acquainted with the officers. The Chaplain also conducts invocations at special occasions such as award ceremonies, promotions, and more.