Fire Sprinkler Plan Requirements

Required Documents

Two sets of paper plans and 2 sets of equip specs must be submitted. All plans shall be drawn to scale, said scale shall be 1/8” or greater. Upon review 1 set of plans and specs shall be returned. One shall be retained by the fire dept. If additional sets are desired, contractor shall provide them.

A stamped set of drawings and specs must remain on the job site until final inspection is performed by MCFD. State issued company license shall be provided. License holder and number shall be provided. Provide description of scope of work to be performed.

Shop Drawings

Submitted plans shall comply with the requirements of chapter22 of NFPA 13 (2007 Edition) with room names and ceiling/roof heights not showing full height elevation. Flow tests shall be witnessed by MCFD and scheduled 48 hrs in advance. Mains shall not pass within 5 feet horizontally of electrical panels.


For all systems fee $50.00, plus .02 cents per foot for new systems. $50.00 flat and fee for all work done as remodel or retro. A $4 state fee is also added to all plans.