Birthday Parties

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Birthday Parties

Birthday parties, during pool hours under the east or west pavilions, are available during the 2020 season. Below is information regarding booking your upcoming party as well as our rules and regulations:


  • $10 per hour (2-hour time limit)
  • $3 per guest (guest limit 30 patrons)- guests may also use their season pass

Booking Information:

March 2 - May 22 call 739-1288. After May 22, for bookings, call 739-0066.

Rules and Regulations:

  • There will be no rentals on Opening Weekend [May 23-May 26, 2020] Thank you for your understanding.
  • Bookings can be made by calling the pool at (405) 739-0066 or going to the pool. The pool is located at 101 S. Douglas Blvd. Midwest City, OK 73130.
  • To book your rental, a 48-hour hold will/can be placed on the reservation. Within that time, a contract must be signed and the full amount of the rental must be paid.
  • No rentals on Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July, or Labor Day.
  • Cake and ice cream or fruit can be served in the pavilion area. No other food can be brought in. Drinks must be bought from the concession. The concession at the pool can provide each guest a hot dog, drink, and chips for $2.75 each. A 30-minute notification is required.
  • Alcoholic beverages, including beer of any alcohol content, will not be allowed. Anyone who is under the influence of alcohol will not be admitted to the pool.
  • Rental fees may be prorated or reimbursed due to weather. Cancellation due to weather must be verified by pool manager before reimbursement may be made. An alternative date may be reserved if the first date is canceled.
  • If any of the regulations, policies, or ordinances of the City of Midwest City are violated by the lessee or any guest, the agreement may be terminated immediately and all participants shall thereupon leave the premises. In the event the city shall exercise this provision there shall be no refund.
  • All guests may continue to swim at the facility after the party, but must move out of the pavilion area.
  • All swimmers must wear bathing suits.
  • No gym shorts or cut-offs are allowed.
  • No loud music or deejays will be allowed
All guests must come in the facility at the same time, no earlier than 15 minutes before party.


Reno Swim & Slide - 739-0066
Aquatics Supervisor - 739-1288