Utilities Authority

  • Meets as needed


  • Matt Dukes - Chairman
  • Susan Eads
  • Pat Byrne - Vice Chairman
  • Espaniola Bowen

  • Sean Reed
  • Christine Allen
  • Jeff Moore
"The council shall also serve as the Utilities Authority, a public trust, created and established by a Trust Indenture on May 23, 1961, under the provisions of Title 50, Oklahoma Statutes, Section 176 to 180, inclusive, and having as its beneficiary the City of Midwest City, a municipal corporation, and its trustees the members of the governing board of the Utilities Authority's beneficiary, for purposes of efficiency and convenience, has named, appointed and designated the Midwest City Municipal Authority, a public trust, as trustor of the Midwest City Utilities Authority."

Members consist of the Mayor and Council and have the same appointment and term as the Council.