Other General Information

Winter Average

The winter average is what we use to charge for sewage rate on a water account. We take the months of November, December, January, and February and get an average of your water usage for those months. We use those months because it is more likely that there will be less water used in the winter.

We then take that average of water usage and charge you $4.28 per Thousand Gallon of Water.


John Doe's Water Consumption History
  • November 2009: 8 (thousand gallons of water)
  • December 2009: 7 (thousand gallons of water)
  • January 2010: 7 (thousand gallons of water)
  • February 2010: 10 (thousand gallons of water)
8+7+7+10 = 32

Take 32 and divide by 4 which = 8 average

So John Doe's average is 8.

0-2 thousand gallons is a minimum of $7.76. Multiply 8 by $0.90 for the Northside Sewer Plant fee and then take John's average minus the minimum and multiply 6 by the regular rate of $3.38. This will be the sewage rate starting the following July.

John Doe's new sewer rate would be $35.24.

The winter average is calculated every year and it goes into effect the following July.

Commercial accounts do not apply.


Meter Tampering

A $100 meter tampering fee is charged to an account if there has been any tampering to the meter. Locks and/or zip ties are placed on meters and if those are cut-off, the fee will apply. Once service is started or restored, the customer must wait for the city to remove the lock to avoid the tampering fee. If meters are stolen or tampered with, the $100 fee will apply and can also be doubled. Fees will also apply to any repairs that have to be made to the automatic meter.