Comprehensive Planning Division

Launching Our Legacy Through Planning

The Comprehensive Planning Division at the City of Midwest City develops long range plans and manages projects that have a dramatic effect on the quality of life within the community.  
Some of the projects that the division has been involved with are the creation of the 2008 Comprehensive Plan, the 2009 Master Trails Plan, the 2011 Original Mile Revitalization Plan, redevdeloping the Original Mile, creation of the Hospitality District and the transformation of Atkinson Plaza area into the Town Center.

The 2008 Comprehensive Plan is a long range vision for the future of the City.  It is the plan that guides growth, land uses, transportation systems, new development and redevelopment needs, improving the City's image, increasing economic opportunities and any aspect that affects the livability of the City.  The plan is developed through research and analysis by City staff and through public input.  

A hard copy of the 2008 Comprehensive Plan is available in the Community Development Department at City Hall or in the Midwest City Library.  It is also accessible by clicking on the links below:

Comprehensive Plan