Temporary Sign Permit

Temporary Sign Permits are $50 per sign. Residents are limited to 8 permits per calendar year and, permits are only good for 7 consecutive days.

  • No commercial temporary sign may be erected or maintained without a permit except as exempted in Section 9-391(h) of the Midwest City Code.
  • Each city utility account in the City is entitled to 8 commercial temporary sign permits each year.
  • The fee for each commercial temporary sign permit shall be $50; however, non-profit organizations that produce their letter from the Internal Revenue Service proving their non-profit status shall be exempt from the fee.
  • Permits for commercial temporary signs shall authorize the erection of the signs and their maintenance for a period not exceeding 7 consecutive days.
  • Any commercial temporary sign maintained in excess of 7 consecutive days shall be deemed an illegal sign and must be removed by the owner.
  • If the owner fails to remove the sign, the city may do so and charge the cost of such removal and any storage of the sign, the minimum of which shall be $100, to the owner which amount shall be assessed to the owner's utility account.
  • The Temporary Sign Permit must be kept at the location of the sign while the sign is being displayed.
  • Every sign that is on the outside of a building needs a permit
  • Temporary signs can not be taller than 3 feet from the ground
  • Non-residential signs can not be larger than 2 x 8 or 16 square feet
  • Residential signs can not be larger than 2 x 4 or 8 square feet
  • Balloons shall not be used as commercial temporary signs
Prohibited Signs
The following types of signs are prohibited:
  • "A" frame signs
  • Swinging signs, except on residential property
  • Flashing signs
  • Portable signs
Temporary sign permits must state the location or placement of the sign.