Building Permits

You or your general contractor need to visit with us to apply for and obtain the necessary permits before you get ready to build the following:

  • New home
  • Fence
  • Roof repair or replacement
  • Carport or patio cover
  • Storage building
  • Retaining wall
  • Room addition
  • Residential remodel
  • Storm shelter
  • Swimming pool
  • Office/commercial structure (new or remodel)
  • Sign

More information about each permit can be found on the residential and commercial pages.

  1. Commercial/ Office Structure
  2. Residential Building
  3. Storm Shelter
  4. Accessory Building
  5. Fences
  6. Carports & Patio Covers
  7. Swimming Pools
  8. Demolition/ House Moving
  9. Signs
  10. Certificate of Occupancy
  11. Wireless Facilities

Commercial Application Forms and Requirements

Commercial new construction building permits usually take 2-3 weeks to review. Approvals by the Building Official, Planning Manager, City Engineer, Fire Marshal and Stormwater Quality Manager are required prior to issuance of a building permit. Approval by the Oklahoma County Health Department is required for all new restaurants and businesses selling food such as grocery stores and gas stations. It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit plans to the Oklahoma County Health Department for review. For questions regarding Health Department review, please  contact Elaine Winterink with the Oklahoma County Health Department at 405-425-4327.

Commercial New Construction Submission Requirements

The items listed below must be submitted to the Community Development Department before review of a permit can begin.

  • Four (4) sets of drawings of the proposed work (you may either submit 4 hardcopies or 2 hardcopies and one digital copy)
  • Plans must be drawn to scale and include floor plans, structural details, computations, stress diagrams, elevations showing all of the building materials proposed for each side of the structure, electrical, plumbing and mechanical plans
  • A site pan, drawn to scale, showing the size and location of the lot, the dimensions and location of the proposed structure and the dimensions and location of any existing structures on the lot
  • A landscape plan is required for a new commercial building or an expansion of an existing building when additional parking is installed
  • Completed application form - Link to the application can be found at the bottom of this page. 


Of the 4 sets of plans, 1 set of specifications are required. Applications for any project involving food requires an additional set of plans to be provided by applicant to the County Health Department.

Each application must be accompanied by the following plans drawn to scale:

  • Plot Plan
  • Floor Plan (including details, dimensions, sections and elevations)
  • Interior finishes including door and window schedules
  • Structural
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical
  • Drainage calculations
  • Stormwater detention plans

If the property is unplatted, a copy of the deed is required.

Commercial Permit Applications

Commercial Building Application
Certificate of Occupancy Application
Demolition Application
Storm Shelter Application

Commercial Building Permit Checklist

Stormwater/Land Disturbance Application - This is required for all new commercial construction. Please submit this application to the Community Development Department with the building permit or directly to the Storm Water Quality. For questions, please call Robert Bettes at (405)739-1042.

Sewer Use Survey - This is required for all new commercial construction. Please submit this application to the Community Development Department with the building permit or directly to Public Works. For questions, please call Justin Madison at (405)739-1078.

Fire Department Application - This application may not be required for all commercial new construction permits. Please contact the Fire Department at (405)739-1349 if you have questions about if any of these applications are required.

Fire Department Development Review - Site Plans, Plats, and Annexation - Please review this document to see the Fire Department's requirements for new development. Please contact the Fire Department at (405)739-1349 if you have questions.

Building Permit Process

Step 1 - Application Submission

Completed applications and required plans are submitted to Community Development Department.

Step 2 - Review Process

The plan reviewer will determine if your project is in compliance with construction codes, zoning and City ordinances. A residential permit will typically be reviewed within 3 to 5 days. Commercial permits plan review usually takes up to 14 working days provided all information is provided and no corrections are required to the plan.

Step 3 - Permit Approval

Applicants will receive notification once the application has been approved. Upon receipt of the permit fee, the permit will be issued granting permission to legally start construction. You must proceed as approved in the review process.

You are required to post the permit in a window or other prominent place at the construction site and keep a copy of the building plans at the site for all projects.

You must bring any proposed changes to the attention of the building official immediately. Changes may require another review and approval in the same manner as the original application.

Applications can be submitted to the Community Development office located on the second floor of City Hall at 100 N. Midwest Blvd., Midwest City, OK 73110 or via the application links above.