Retail Beer/Wine or Serving

Page to be updated as Ordinances change due to new Alcohol Laws.

Retail Beer permits are $500.00. Retail Wine permits are $1000.00. All licenses will expire on September 30th.

Application for Retail Beer and/or Wine off premise

Application for Serving Beer and/or Wine on premise


"On premise" means the beer is sold for on premise consumption, i.e. a restaurant. The cost will be updated with Ordinance change.

"Off premise" means the beer is sold for consumption off the premises, i.e. gas station, grocery store. The cost is $500.00 for beer and $1000.00 for wine. If selling both you will need to pay $1500.00.


Must have an Oklahoma ABLE license and Oklahoma Tax Commission Sales Tax Permit to obtain a Midwest City Beer and/or Wine License.